Shivashakti - The Continuous Continuum
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The book "Shivashakti - The Continuous Continuum" is based on the Divine principle of Divine masculine and Divine Feminine also known as Shivshakti. This book is a channeled text on how the principle of Shivshakti exists in everything we can see, feel and experience. It is on a continuous continuum to higher dimensions. Its continuously evolving to experience itself deeper. It was conceived with the ideology to spread the wisdom of the universe across and is inspired by Mother God and Father God.

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Hello I'm Anita Rajani

Anita Rajani is a Reiki and Crystal Grandmaster, a tarot reader, a Hypnotherapist, an Inner Child Integration Therapist and a teacher of esoteric subjects and an author. She has is a channel and has channeled Saibaba Guidance cards which are available in 3 languages. She is into writing since 8 years, writes as a hobby and now more into serious writing work..

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June 7,2021

Authors worth reading this monsoon. Shivashakti by Anita Rajani It’s a bookto be published soon by renowned healer and therapist Anita Rajani, based on the principle of Divine Masculine &Feminine (commonly Shivashakti).It focuses on how the principle of Shivshakti exist in everything we see, feel and experience.

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